Friday, December 30, 2016

Quick Thoughts -- Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

Looks like the addition of my last mega-entry resulted in my blog catching the attention of bots.  No way has readership for each of my entries suddenly jumped up to hundreds and hundreds of users.


If I blow things up, it will be Memorial Day 2017.  149 days from now.


I'm gearing up to do another set of physique shows this spring.  Got a new trainer, new gym, and, after overcoming some the momentum of this body being at rest too long, the motivation to get after it.  It's different this time around.  Not doing it to show cancer that it is my bitch (that's part of it), but this time I want to do it because I want to see what my body can do this time around.  Plus, I like how I look when I'm lifting.  I like roaming the Earth with a bit of extra muscle.  If I wasn't into the outdoors and endurance stuff, I could see myself really getting into bodybuilding.  But, it's likely that these second time around is it.  Hang up the board shorts for good and move back to Doug doing Doug things.

The outdoors is my church.  Not a gym.


No real New Year's Eve plans for me.  Been consumed with meeting end-of-year goals at work ("Must Meet Quota!")  And driving my outside attorneys to work long evenings and New Year's Eve Day to get there.  I haven't made any NYE plans because of this nonsense.  What's probably going to go down is this.  I finish work early afternoon, see if there are any symphony tickets left for tomorrow night (Beethoven's Ninth -- kind of a traditional the past few years), solo, and then after that, who knows.  Drink or two at a local bar until midnight.  Celebrate with the masses and return home.


2017 goals?  I dunno.  2016 just kind of passed me by.  I mean, I did some cool, cool shit this year.  Did some serious international traveling, by my standards -- three trips (Ireland (work), China (work), Europe (play), and a six and a half week sabbatical.  I mean, yeah, cool, awesome stuff.  Met an great gal in Dublin and made some friends on the sabbatical, and saw some pretty impressive things, but the overarching theme for 2016 was stagnicity.  (Yes, that's actually a word.)  I feel the year passed me by because there was little movement in my personal life.  Plans of a house, dog, working on community and social circles, were put on hold as I worked a lot of time on weekends and evening to pull 2016 together from a work stand point.

And you know what?  It wasn't worth it.

And that's why I want to pull the plug and "let go" for a bit.  To make up for the lost time I spent this year being cocooned in my home and work offices.  Will I do it?  We'll see.  I think there's a nice work/life balance to be had, I just need to work as hard at reaching that balance as I have this year at exceeding quota.  No matter how much I'm rewarded financially for having a great year, it will not compensate for the hollowness of this year.

So, a 2017 year is a year for me.  For Doug.  To focus on what I want to focus on in order to be successful in life.  It needs to be LIFE/work balance.  Not WORK/LIFE, or even Work/Life.  BIG "life", little "work", and LIFE comes first -- LIFE/work balance.


Thinking about going to Call on Congress.  A colorectal cancer advocacy event put on by Fight Colorectal Cancer, a CRC advocacy group.  I had hoped to return to the Colondar photo shoot this coming year as a writer, but they didn't need my services.  That's cool.  I willingly gave up my seat at the table.  So, I'm looking for an event to scratch the CRC advocacy itch.  Plus, I want to see my CRC peeps again.  The drag is that the event will put me out a good chunk of change with air fare and Washington D.C. hotel costs.  But, I'll probably do it anyways.  That's the cancer survivor talking.  Have to take advantages of these opportunities when they come.  Because they may not come again.

(Which is why I'm giving serious thought to "letting go" come Mem Day.  I could wait until early retirement to let go and do all the stuff I'm thinking of doing with time off, but at 47, I'm no spring chicken, and my body is already starting to give signs that it is not up for serious long-distance backpacking.  Plus, I see a lot of people who plan for decades for their retirement and not even make it there!!!  Or, perhaps just as bad, make it to retirement, but they're tired and no longer have the drive, passion or vigor to make the retirement dreams that they had when they were younger come true.)


Great time in Wisconsin over Christmas.  Got to see a lot of both of my families.  Family time is just what it's all about.  It's the best.  I miss them all.


I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's !!!!

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