Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Bios

Still writing bios.  Still deep in thought.  More than halfway there.

I've got my head into the story of my third charge, Maegan ("the princess") from Georgia, and I just realized that all four of the Colondar models that I'm writing up are stage IV cancer survivors.  None of them are completely in remission and three of them are actively fighting.

I'd be lying if it hasn't taken a little bit of a toll.  Don't get me wrong, their stories are inspirational, but when you see such good people still fighting a battle where there's some uncertainly in the outcome, it can bring you down a bit.

That might be some of the reason why these bios are taking a little longer for me to write this year.  I need to clear my head and come up for air every now and then.  I need a break between writing the individual bios.  I know that was certainly the case when I interviewed each of them in Tennessee.  After an intense two hour interview where both me and the model would up crying at some point, I needed some time to clear my head and process.

OK.  Back to it.