Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Magical veggies

I may have mentioned this before, but with a stoma, one becomes more attuned to the effects the eating certain foods has on on'es digestive tract.  Namely, you learn quickly which foods cause gas, if you didn't know this before.  Today's epiphany ... brussel sprouts!  Good lord ...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sad News

Really sad news. 

Sheri Jahner, the author of what I thought was the best colorectal cancer blog going, passed away this week.  She'd been battling rectal cancer mets to her lung for awhile, and in the past few weeks it just spread wildly.  It's really heartbreaking because I had been following her blog since I was diagnosed (almost three years now) as she and I had a similar diagnosis (Stage III rectal) and had a similar treatment plan.  She even had the same surgery that I did that left her with a permanent colomostomy.  I followed her blog so closely as it was nice to have someone just a few months ahead of me on the same treatment path.

She had a tough go of it after her surgery.  Her surgical wound never ever really healed up, and then had the recurrence which she wasn't able to overcome.

Sheri's blog was informative, inspirational and witty. That she had a gift for writing was evident by the fact that her blog has over 165,000 hits and had a world-wide following. I told everyone I knew who was going through cancer about her blog.
Even though I only knew her through her blog. Her passing is tough news to hear and I'm going to miss her. It saddens me to know that a wonderful voice in the cancer community has been silenced.  At 35 (just 35!!!)she died too young.  My heart goes out to her family, especially to her husband and her two kids.

I've shared her blog before, but here it is again.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wonderful ...

I'm in San Jose on a business trip and housekeeping apparently decided a good portion of my stoma supplies were trash.  Great.  Now I have to find a medical supply store.