Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finally pulled the trigger ...

Told my firm this week that I'm jumping going part time starting September 1, at least for a year.  I've struggled with this for awhile, and now having made the decision, I'm at peace with it.  Looking forward to restoring some much-needed balance to my life and creating more time for things that matter.

Friday, June 8, 2012

More test results -- everything still good.

Had my regularly scheduled follow-ups with my chemo onc and surgeon yesterday.  CEA levels are normal and the surgeon is happy how my butt has healed.  It was surprising to feel how numb my keister is when he was poking around back there.  It's been two years since surgery (wow ...) as of Saturday, so it's apparently my lot in life to have a numb Ken butt.

Had my an echo to check out my ticker to follow up on what happened during my race a few weeks ago.  The tech said my heart looks good, which is what I expected.  The doc and I just wanted to rule out any weird stuff.  Still gonna do a stress test in a few weeks.  Had to postpone it 'cause I hurt myself running.  Calf strain, I think.  It's a pisser because I hurt myself right after a paid the entrance fee for the Vacounver half marathon coming up in a few weeks.  Darn it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back from New York

Whoa.  That was something else.  I'm still processing it.  It wasn't just the photo shoot, which, of course, was a lot of fun, to be treated like a model for a day, but everything -- sharing that time with a bunch of other great people who have had similar journeys, and being able to talk about pretty much anything and having everyone in the room just "get it."

I had heard from previous survivors who had gone that it would be a transformative experience, and that you'd leave with family, but frankly, I was skeptical.  But they were right.

Much more to share on this ...

Oh ... hey ... Saturday was my TWO year anniversary from surgery y'all!