Monday, February 27, 2012

Some cool news!

So, there's a group called "The Colon Club" that hosts an online forum that I went to quite a bit to learn stuff about rectal cancer treatment when I was first diagnosed, and to connect with others.  Well, another thing they do is "The Colondar", a calendar for raising colorectal cancer awareness by showing young people (under the age of 50, the recommended screening age for colorectal cancer) who survived colorectal CA.

Well, I submitted an application to be in next year's calendar (figured it'd be my only chance to be a calendar model) and I got picked.  I'm honored and excited about it.  They're flying 13 survivors out to Lake George, NY over Memorial Day weekend for the photo shoot.   From everything I've heard about the weekend, it's supposed to be a fantastic experience, not just for the fun of doing a photo shoot, but getting to meet 12 other people who have had similar experiences to me. 

So, there you go.  I'm going to be a butt cancer model!

Here's a link to their calendar: