Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two year cancerversary

Saturday, January 21, will be my two year cancerversary (the tumor was discovered during a routine physical on the 15th, had a biopsy on the 19th, and got the news on the 21st).  Two years.  That's a long time.  And I've been through a bit of an ordeal.   I'm still adjusting to "post-cancer" life (although I don't know if I'll ever be really "post cancer", I feel like it's always there, lurking), still recovering, although now mostly it's mental adjustments - adjustments to how I view myself (it's taken quite a while to rebuild my self-esteem, and just now do I feel like I'm slowly getting my swag back), how I view my relationship with others, and how I view my place in the world (readjustment of big picture stuff - what I *really* want to do with the remainder of my life - not just in terms of my career, but how I go about my day to day living).

But two years out from diagnosis, the most important thing I want to say is that I'm still here and I'm healthy.  And for that, I'm grateful.