Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Year One Hurdles Cleared

Hey class,

Had my one year colonoscopy today and everything looks normal. I even have pictures I could share, but won't. Let's just say that photos show a clean, healthy, happy colon (albeit a shorter one). I wasn't expecting anything less, because I've been feeling good, but this is still a big deal. With a clean scope, blood tests and CT scan, I've made it through my FIRST YEAR after cancer surgery with NO CANCER!

I'm going to celebrate by .... going back to work (my professional cup runneth over). I could write a few entries about what the deep thinking I've been doing of late regarding where my life is headed, what I *am* doing with my life, what I *should* be doing with my life, what's the point of it all, but I'm saving that for later. I'll celebrate properly when the weekend starts.